Water Tank 4000


The WCCCU  is now offering unsecured Water TankLoans. We know water is essential to our everyday lives and it is our business to bring additional relief to our members since TS Erika. .

We at the WCCCU, are going a step further and  allowing our members to purchase water tanks, whichever desired.

Be it for Domestic use or for Farming purposes, we have a Water TankLoan that suits you.

The amount of the loan is based on the tank size desired.  Whichever you select  includes the price of the tank, fittings and pipes required for installation, transportation and the plumber’s fee.

This is a package deal!

Inclusive in the package:

  •  Tank
  • Pipes & Fittings
  •  Transportation
  • Plumber’s fee


  • 20% of the amount needed as Security Savings
  • Pro Forma Invoice from Company/ Letter of Intent to Sell
  • Minimum of 2 Permanent Shares
  • No Collateral needed
  • No Refinancing Opportunities
  • Rebate System Applicable: 5% of total interest paid for life of loan

Tank Options

  • 200 gallons
  • 400 gallons
  • 600 gallons
  • 800 gallons
  • 1000 gallons