Loans for Members Overseas

Members Overseas

Members of the WCCCU residing overseas can now apply for loans too. This is in keeping with the goal of the society to serve its members and even exceed their expectations.

Applying for a loan is easy and you have two application process options to choose from:

  1. Carry out the entire process by courier at a cost to you or
  2. Bestow Power of Attorney to someone to process the loan on your behalf

Option 1

The application forms (provided by WCCCU) along with all other relevant documents must be completed, duly notarized and returned to the WCCCU.

Option 2

  • Arrange to have the Power of Attorney registered in Dominica at the Government Registry.
  • Provide the person who has been bestowed Power of Attorney with all the details and information required to process the loan, which includes salaries and details of all your other commitments and supporting documents.

Members residing overseas can apply for a loan for any purpose as long as the necessary items for processing the loan can be furnished. In addition to the requirements you will also need to provide the following:


  • income tax returns statement for the past three years.
  • Letter of employment indicating employment status and salary
  • Three(3) copies of salary slip/ statements
  • Income/expense statement form provided