(Salisbury, Dominica, August 15, 2017)


For more than twelve (12) years, the West Coast Cooperative Credit Union has maintained its dedication to the communities it serves and to the educational development of members through the award of scholarships to their children and wards to facilitate attendance at high school or college.   Each year, a merit-based award provides the awardee with text books, stationery, transportation and the payment of examination fees for the duration of his secondary school life, provided he/she performs creditably.


In keeping with the Credit Union’s scholarship policy, this year’s awardee is Bill Frederick of Salisbury, who was the most successful of the eligible candidates at the 2017 Grade Six National Assessment Examination.  In addition to Bill, Chalika VidalLanaya TownsendGrace Vidal and Gracelyn Victor will all maintain existing scholarships with West Coast based on their continued satisfactory academic performance.


Education is one of the foundational principles of cooperatives and West Coast Cooperative Credit Union is pleased to assist members in this manner and is proud of the achievement of our scholars.  We are also pleased to join the national effort to equip our youth for positive and productive futures.  This is fundamental to our strategy: to improve the quality of life of members, their communities and the nation by extension.

St.Joseph, we are here to stay!

West Coast Co-operative Credit Union Opens New Branch Location in St. Joseph


The West Coast Co-operative Credit Union Ltd- WCCCU, a full-service Credit Union based in Salisbury opened its New branch location in a recently renovated building in St. Joseph on Thursday, 29th . Located in an area of the community called “Otrobando”. The branch is the only Credit Union in the growing St. Joseph community.

The St. Joseph branch of the West Coast Credit Union is a new design for the organization’s facilities and showcases the best of its branch transformation program, focused on updating and enhancing the member experience at its financial centers. The Credit Union’s Design Team, operations executives, together with contractor Gerard Richards under the supervision of Imran Cuffy, worked for a few months to design and revolutionize member experience at this new branch.

“We are proud to serve the St. Joseph community with this new location,” said Mrs. Veronica Andrew, General Manager of West Coast Credit Union. “We think the experience inside the branch will provide the best service through improved human interactions and customer service. Members will notice a difference from the second they step foot in the branch.”

The interior design features modern white color variations, furniture and finishes. The interior is air conditioned and also features a seating area, Supervisor’s station, Loans office, Computer room and transaction counters with glass barriers. The branch experience includes full service options to include Loans, deposits, withdrawals and payment of utilities. Additionally, the interior will later feature a mural depicting the local history of the St. Joseph Community.

The new St. Joseph branch location is 2450 sq.ft. The Credit Union will engage five full-time employees at the location. In addition to the opening of the new location at the St. Joseph branch, West Coast Credit Union will continue the transformation of its branches across the network in the not too distant future.

West Coast Credit Union is a financial Co-operative based on the West Coast of Dominica serving anyone who lives or works in the North and West Coast. It is one of the four (4) largest Credit Unions on the Island, serving more than 3,817 members with assets of $30 Million. West Coast Credit Union has 4 locations in Salisbury, Coulibistrie, Colihaut & St. Joseph and employs a compliment of 18 staff. A not-for-profit, West Coast Co-operative Credit Union is a full-service financial institution offering banking, loans, mortgages and investments for consumers and businesses throughout the North and West Coast of Dominica.


Pictures to follow soon in  photo gallery

Water Tank 4000


The WCCCU  is now offering unsecured Water TankLoans. We know water is essential to our everyday lives and it is our business to bring additional relief to our members since TS Erika. .

We at the WCCCU, are going a step further and  allowing our members to purchase water tanks, whichever desired.

Be it for Domestic use or for Farming purposes, we have a Water TankLoan that suits you.

The amount of the loan is based on the tank size desired.  Whichever you select  includes the price of the tank, fittings and pipes required for installation, transportation and the plumber’s fee.

This is a package deal!

Inclusive in the package:

  •  Tank
  • Pipes & Fittings
  •  Transportation
  • Plumber’s fee


  • 20% of the amount needed as Security Savings
  • Pro Forma Invoice from Company/ Letter of Intent to Sell
  • Minimum of 2 Permanent Shares
  • No Collateral needed
  • No Refinancing Opportunities
  • Rebate System Applicable: 5% of total interest paid for life of loan

Tank Options

  • 200 gallons
  • 400 gallons
  • 600 gallons
  • 800 gallons
  • 1000 gallons


Public Notice On FATCA


On 18 March 2010, the US government enacted FATCA, to combat tax evasion by US persons holding investment (i.e. Savings and Investment) outside the United States.   FATCA requires FFIs (Foreign Financial Institutions) to report directly to the U.S IRS (Internal Revenue Service), information on assets held by US taxpayer.

From July 1, 2014, Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) are expected to comply with FATCA.   West Coat Co-operative Credit Union Limited like other financial institutions has registered with the U.S IRS.

What is a U.S PERSON?

  • All US citizens.  An individual is a citizen if that person was born in the United States or if the individual has been naturalized as a US citizen.
  • A lawful resident of the U.S. (including a U.S. green card holder).
  • Standing instructions to transfer funds to an account maintained in the U.S. or directions regularly received from a U.S. address.
  • An “in care of address or a ”hold mail” address that is the sole address with respect to the client or
  • Power of Attorney or signatory authority granted to a person with a U.S. address.
  • A partnership created or organized in the United States or under the law of the United States or of any State.
  • A corporation created or organized in the United States or under the law of the United States or of any State.

You are a ‘tax resident’ of the United States.  You can become a tax resident under two rules:

    • 1) The ‘substantial presence test’.   This is a ‘day count test and based on the number of days you are in the US over a three year period.
    •  2) The ‘green card’ test.  A person who has obtained a ‘green card’ has been granted the right to lawful permanent residence in the United States.

Accounts of U.S PERSONS to be reported

WCCCU is responsible to identify members, depositors and entities who are U.S. persons and to report annually to the IRS individual US persons with accounts balance of US$50,000 and over,and U.S entity with accounts balance of US$250,000 and over.


If WCCCU fail to comply, it will be taxed and unable to conduct transactions with U.S Banks through correspondent banks (i.e. sending and receiving money through wire transfers and drafts) will be affected.  Also, WCCCU may be faced with legal and reputational risks and penalties.


If members, depositors or entities who are US account holder refuses consent for WCCCU to pass its information to the IRS, it will be a ‘recalcitrant account holder’ and payments made by it, and accounts held by it, will be subject to a 30% withholding tax.

Source Income is defined as:

  • Interest payments, dividends, rents, salaries, wages etc.
  • Gross proceeds from the sale of U.S property that produces interest or dividends
  • Interest paid by foreign branches of U.S. Banks.

9th Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday 28th May 2014, the West Coast Co-operative Credit Union Ltd will be holding it’s 9th Annual General Meeting under the theme “Co-operating ways to greater financial responsibility”.The AGM will be held in the community of St. Joseph at the Matthews Hall at 6pm. Come listen to the way forward with your Credit Union.

AGM Invitation

AGM Booklet

WCCCU 1st training for farmers on record keeping and its importance

The West Coast Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. (WCCCU) has successful pull of its first farmers training. The training was held on Tuesday December 16th, 2013 at the Salisbury Government School on the topic “How records are kept and it’s importance” The farmers at the training expressed their gratitude and were very satisfied. The facilitator explained in detail how to go about preparing records and the different types of methods that can be utilized. The participants were taught how to;

  1. Appreciate the importance of accurate record keeping.
  2. Identify the basic resources needed for accurate record keeping.
  3. Be confident in their ability to do record keeping.
  4. Use the best practices in record keeping.

The WCCCU Ltd. hopes that the farmers will practice what was taught at the training session.

The WCCCU Ltd. also launched a new revolving facility just for the farmers “new farm Plus”. This loan was developed to assist the farmers to increase in production. It is expected that the WCCCU’s “new Farm Plus” initiative will bring relief to farmers, to provide inputs, plants, animals and farm labour for their farms. All farmers, farmers groups and prospective farmers who are ready to invest at any level will be able to access the funds which will be offered at easy terms with very basic requirements for accessing the facility.

The officers of the loans department at the West Coast Cooperative Credit Union says, they are excited in the launching of this venture which is expected to provide our farmers with the confidence of knowing that they can readily access the resources that is needed  as they will need it to ensure that their investment do not suffer.