Moneygram Transfer

The Safe, Fast Way to Send and Receive Money Worldwide….


MoneyGram money transfer service gets your money there fast within ten (10) minutes time frame. With the MoneyGram global computer network, your money arrives quickly and safely.


As one of the largest global money transfer companies, millions of people use the MoneyGram service to send funds all over the world. With their proven track record, security screening system and unique reference number, you too can rely on MoneyGram.


Send and receive money via this global money transfer network with only one form. In just three easy steps your money is safely on its way.


MoneyGram has more than 84,000 agent locations in over 170 countries, linked worldwide to assure that your money arrives in minutes. MoneyGram agent locations are found in major retail grocery and drug stores, financial institutions, international post offices and many other reliable locations. Around the globe or around the corner, MoneyGram has the right locations and the right price.

To Send Money

  1. Go to the nearest MoneyGram agent location and fill out the “Send” form.
  2. Give your completed form and the money to the agent. The agent will give you a Confidential Reference Number and your receipt.
  3. Notify your receiver of the amount of money you transferred and the Reference Number.

To Receive Money

  1. The sender will notify you with the amount of money that was sent and the Reference Number.
  2. Go to your nearest MoneyGram agent location and fill out the “Receive” form. Take the completed form and provide  valid identification such as a driver’s license, Passport or Social Secuirty Card to the MoneyGram agent.
  3. The MoneyGram agent will enter your information into the system and verify that the money is available.