Service Fees

When compared with those of other institutions, the WCCCU offers the best interest and fixed deposit rates and charges for any given service.

The WCCCU is devoted to the motto “Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service”. It shows commitment to its members and mission of “total development of its membership and the maximizing of member’s benefits through cost effective financial services” and for this cause must set fees that will spawn income to cover the costs of providing some of the much needed services to its members. In addition to that, the WCCCU must look to pay competitive dividends and interest on members’ shares, savings and deposits and also build up reserves to ensure the soundness of the credit union.

Below are the few charges stipulated by the WCCCU Ltd.

Entrance Fee$5.00
Passbook Fee$10.00
Bank Statement  $15.00
Account Statements$15.00
Maintenance/Administrative Fee  $0.00
Returned Cheques   $50.00
Cheque Cashed (non-members) $5.00
Replacement of a Lost Passbook  $15.00/$30.00
Account Transfers$0.00
Credit Reports $0.00