The Easi Max Family

Easi Max 5000 is a secured short-term cash advance that allows members to meet their short term cash flow dilemma. An optional facility that allows the member greater flexibility. After payments have been made, the member can top up their Easi Max loan amount back to its original loan amount. If a member has not accessed the maximum of $5,000.00 he can only do so after clearing the original amount taken.

Another addition to the Easi Max Family, is the Easi Max Plus. This loan can be offered to new as well as already existing  members who simply need cash fast and easy.

For our already existing members, we have something even better.


Easi Max Pro  is being offered to our already existing members who may need more than the $7,500.00. This facility gives members a chance to increase their investment also.

For everyone, no matter how you try to avoid it, there comes a time when the unexpected happens and cash is not readily available. This is where Easi Max is the way out.


  • Have at least 15% of the desired amount on savings account.
  • Must be employed for at least one (1) year at the same entity.
  • Must present a job letter from your employer and your most recent salary slip.
  • Repayment must be made through salary deduction.