Provident Loans

Provident loans are for people who are looking for relatively small amounts of cash that can be available to them within days. Whatever you need quick cash for, Provident loans could be the answer.

Real Estate Acquisition Loans


The WCCCU allows members to own their land at a low monthly interest rate. Members are given easy and manageable repayment periods of 10 years for agricultural land and 12 years for residential lots.

Debt Consolidation Loans


The WCCCU is always prepared to enable its members by offering debt consolidation. Get out from the burden of small scattered loans with high interest rates and let us take care of you. Pay one installment and have more money…

Furniture & Appliance Loans


Our Quick Purchase Loan was especially designed for members with existing loans who desire a loan to purchase appliances and/or furniture.

Motor Vehicle Purchase Loans


The Credit Union shall have a lien on the motor vehicle until the loan is fully repaid. The motor vehicle must be comprehensively insured throughout the life of the loan and said insurance…

Travel & Vacation Loans


Thinking of getting away? Need a break from the daily routine? Take a Vacation Loan at the WCCCU. These loans are hassle free and will not complicate your preparations for your getaway.

Medical Loans


WCCCU cares! Especially in times like these we will take care of you! A healthy body and more importantly, a healthy state of mind of our customers is a priority. In these times of need we listen and we act

Education Loans


The WCCCU gives you have the option to take the loan yourself if you have regular income during the period of study or have a family member take the loan and meet the monthly payment for you.

Home Improvement Loans


WCCCU enables you to make more space for your growing family and increase the value of your home. Thus the WCCCU provides you with unparalleled potential to secure your comfort zone…