Your Share account unlocks all the benefits of membership.

The Member Share Capital represents the shares/equity that members will own in the WCCCU. Members will invest in their credit union and leave money there so that they can continue to be part owners of WCCCU. These monies will form the capital (money) of the Credit Union.

The price per Share is only $50. Persons wishing to become members of WCCCU have to buy at least one share at $50.

Benefits of Share Account:

  • Members become eligible for dividends each year
  • Members gain access to the large variety of loans and services offered by the society.

Note: Your share account holds your equity in WCCCU or permanent savings and should not be withdrawn.

A deposit account solely used for deposits and withdrawals can be held simultaneously with a Share account. This will help members to spend wisely by distributing their monies appropriately.